Panama City, Florida Fences: What is the Best Type of Fence?


If you are considering installing a fence in the greater Panama City area, or you are replacing an existing fence on your property – there are a few things you may want to consider before finalizing your decision.  Choosing the best type of fencing material is an important place to start.  Here are some tips to ensure you are making the best choice:


What is the Best Type of Fence to Use in Panama City ?

Driving around the Panama City area, you will see fences of every type and style.  This is true in just about every Florida town as well as across the U.S.  Diversity is part of the fabric of what it means to be an American – which seems to be reflected even in our choice of fencing.  Let’s take a look at our choices of types of fences in the Panama City area:


Aluminum Fencing in Panama City

Aluminum fencing is a great option for homeowners in the Panama City area.  No other type of fencing can match the modern clean lines of aluminum fencing.  Some people refer to this type of fence as “black metal fencing” – which is true … but this description is from the old-style heavy metal fences that were popular many years ago.  Those black metal fences are very expensive and can rust because they are not made out of aluminum.  We do not recommend these for most Panama City homeowners.  Our aluminum fences provide the same (or better) awesome style as these fences but are more cost-effective and are maintenance free with a lifetime warranty!


Many Panama City homeowners choose to use aluminum fence because of its extreme durability – meaning it can stand up to even the harshest weather that we can experience across our region.  Aluminum fencing is a little pricier up front than some of the other fencing materials – but over the life of the fence (because of the lifetime warranty) aluminum fences can actually turn out to be a better investment because you will never have to replace a rusted fence (aluminum doesn’t rust), broken fence pickets, or buy paint to maintain the fence, etc.  If you are in a position to pay just a little more up front, the benefits of aluminum fencing in the Panama City area are more than worth the investment, in my opinion.  Learn more about Aluminum Fencing.


Vinyl Fencing in Panama City

Vinyl fencing is another popular option in Panama City.  You may think of vinyl fence as the “white plastic fence”.  I’ve heard some of our  Panama City customers call it PVC fence.  Whatever you call it, vinyl fencing is a great choice for Panama City homeowners.


As with aluminum fencing (above) vinyl fence is maintenance free (doesn’t need painting, it doesn’t rot, etc.).  Panama City homeowners also benefit from a lifetime warranty on all vinyl fences.  So, it is a safe choice to withstand our unpredictable weather across our Panama City area.


The days of basic white plastic fence are over when it comes to vinyl fencing.  Vinyl fence comes in a variety of colors, styles, and textures.  In fact, several of our most recent Panama City fence projects have used natural colors like tan and khaki and in a more wood-textured style.  It is hard to distinguish these new vinyl fences from the natural look of wood fences – but with the benefit of no-maintenance and lifetime warranty!  Learn more about Vinyl Fencing.


Wood Fencing in Panama City

Many Panama City homeowners choose traditional wood fencing for their properties.  Wood fences are a less expensive alternative to the other fence materials described above, and they have a very traditional look that many Panama City residents like.  You really can’t go wrong with wood fences.  They have so many styles and options, they can work for just about every situation.  Many people don’t realize there are different grades of wood fences and are made of many different types of wood.  Some wood material choices are stronger than others, some resist decay better than others.  Of course, all of these come in at different price points.  If you are thinking about protecting your Panama City property with a wood fence, we can help guide you to the best options that will meet your goals and your budget.  Learn more about Wood Fencing.


Chain Link Fencing in Panama City

Chain link fences are an extremely affordable way to protect your property, your family, and your pets.  We mostly see chain link fences in slightly more rural areas around  Panama City but they can be used anywhere.  Many people are surprised how many options are available for chain link fences and gates.  If you think chain link fencing may be your best solution, talk to one of our fencing specialists to get a free quote or to help you choose your best options.  Learn more about Chain Link Fencing.


What’s the Next Step To Getting a Fence for My Panama City Property?

Now that you have considered the best type of fence for your project, you have many options available to you regarding the fence quality, the fence style, there are additional options and gates and pricing … we invite you to read more of our helpful fencing tips in our blog to help answer some of these important questions.  Or, feel free to give us a contact us or to fill out a Free Quote Request so we can help answer any additional questions you may have.


Don’t forget to learn more about Our Company – to learn why we are the most trusted fence company in  Panama City.  We believe that the more you know about who we are and why we are different, you will see that Mr. Fence of Panama City, Florida is the fence company you want to work with!