Panama City Fence Company: How to Choose


Choosing a fence company in Panama City Florida is an important decision for homeowners and business owners who are considering installing a fence on their property.  Making the wrong choice can cost you money and unnecessary aggravation.  Choosing the right fence company gives you a partner you can trust to stand behind their product and their workmanship.  The difference is huge!

In this article, we will help you understand the criteria you may wish to use when selecting a fence company in Panama City, and the surrounding area.


Fence Companies in Panama City

Step 1 of the process is to simply gather a list of fence companies in Panama City (or nearby).  There are many to choose from.  We recommend starting with a list of 10 to 20 fencing companies to begin your evaluation.  For your convenience, we have gathered a list of 10 Panama City Fencing Contractors:

  1. Mr. Fence of Florida
  2. Superior Fence and Rail
  3. Shoreline Fence
  4. Panama City Fencing
  5. Gulf Fence and Construction Company
  6. North Florida Fence and Supply
  7. Breed Fence
  8. PC Fence Builders
  9. AAA Hurricane Fence
  10. Prestige Fencing

What Should I Look For in a Fence Company?

There are several key indicators about whether a fence company is professional and does good work.  We scoured Google business listings and the websites of our local competitors to make things easy for you as you compare the top fence companies in Panama City.  The information below reflects what we were able to find out for you.

For your convenience, we have put together a table (below) comparing each of the features we recommend you consider when choosing a fence company.  We will explain each of the features in greater detail below.


Local? Rating # of Reviews Years  AFA CFP
Mr Fence of Florida Yes 5.0 86 20+* Yes Yes
Shoreline Fence Yes 3.8 51 7+ No No
Panama City Fencing Yes 5.0 1 37 No No
Gulf Fence and Construction Company Yes 4.4 40 ? No No
North Florida Fence and Supply ? 4.7 7 ? ? ?
Breed Fence Yes 4.7 6 38 No No
PC Fence Builders ? 1.0 1 ? ? ?
AAA Hurricane Fence ? 2.0 9 ? ? ?
Prestige Pavers and Fencing Yes 5.0 7 ? No No

Panama City – Local Fence Company

Most Panama City residents want to work with a local fence company.  We did the homework to make sure you weren’t being fooled by a fence company that claimed to be local but is really from out of the area.

Fence Company Google Ratings

We believe the ultimate judge is the actual customers of the fence company.  For that reason, we went to Google to see how their customers rated each of the fence companies they worked with in the Panama City area.  If the company did not make their past customers happy, they probably won’t make you happy either!

Fence Company Reviews (Number of Reviews)

A company that has less than 20 reviews must be looked at skeptically.  Without a larger number of “voices” weighing in, you can’t be sure you are getting the real story.  Panama City residents are straight-shooters.  That’s one of the things we love about our area!  If you do a lousy job installing a fence, they’ll let you know about it!  However, if you do a great job installing the fence … they will also be more than happy to tell the world.  That is why, as of the writing of this article, we have 86 reviews that are all PERFECT 5-stars!  Woo Hoo!

AFA (American Fence Association)

The AFA is the professional association for fence companies.  Membership in this organization is an indication that the company meets certain professional standards and is dedicated to professionalism and excellence.  We believe this is one of the easiest ways to tell if you are working with true fence professionals.

CFP (Certified Fence Professional)

This is a certification which requires hours of training and education.  We took the courses and passed the tests.  Mr Fence of Florida is dedicated to our ongoing professional growth and improvement.  We believe that every fence company in Panama City (and across the country) should be CFP certified. 


Panama City Fence Company Profiles

Mr. Fence of Florida

It is difficult to objectively evaluate your own company and to apply the same level of scrutiny that you judge your local competition with.  We will try.  Our Florida location has only been open a couple of years but Mr Fence is a well-established brand.  In fact, we are AFA (American Fence Association) members and CFP (Certified Fence Professionals).  These are official designations that carry quite a bit of weight ion the fencing world.   This means that we are highly trained, highly skilled, and thoroughly educated about the latest materials and installation techniques for fencing.  This means you can rest easy that the fence we install for your Panama City home of business, will be installed properly.


Shoreline Fence

Our first area of concern is a relatively low 3.8 Google rating from their customers.  If they are not making their past customers happy, they may not make you happy either.

On their website and their Google business listing, the folks at shoreline fence have icons for all the social media platforms but they do not include a single logo/icon for ANY of the professional fence organizations, fencing certifications, fencing awards, or anything else.  While we do not know these folks personally, we are left to conclude that they have not earned ANY professional standings or certifications.  This is a red flag for us – because ongoing education is important in every industry.  Fencing materials and installation techniques evolve and improve all the time.  If a company is stuck doing the same thing, the same way for over 20 years … they may be experienced but that doesn’t mean they’re good.  In our estimation, this is a good reason to eliminate them from consideration when choosing a fence company in the Panama City Florida region.


Panama City Fencing

With only 1 Google review, and a website that doesn’t have a lot of information – there is not a lot to go on.  It appears they have 37 years of experience.  But with so little information to go on, we think there are easier choices for quality fence companies in the Panama City area.


Gulf Fence and Construction Company

As with several of the Panama City fence companies we have evaluated, there is no mention of professional fencing accreditation, fencing certifications, fencing industry awards, etc.  This is a red flag that they are not true fence experts and have not taken an approach of excellence in their industry.  Fence companies that put in the extra time, money, and hard work to earn these special designations proudly display them and talk about them.  We are left to conclude that these guys have not put in the extra care and time.  This means you may be dealing with a fence company that uses older materials and older installation techniques.

It was also odd to us that there is no mention on their website about who they are.  No mention of history, the people, etc.  Just an observation.


North Florida Fence and Supply

It does not appear that they have a website.  Odd.  Their Google business listing doesn’t have a link to it and we couldn’t find it anywhere.  That means, we really couldn’t get any specific information on them …, and neither can you!  Huge red flag.  I’d avoid these guys.


Breed Fence

A local fence company operating in the Panama City area for almost 40 years.  Their photos of their work look good.  They look like they may be good.  We are always concerned when a website doesn’t mention professional affiliations, certification, or awards.  40 years in business is impressive and we salute the Breed Fence guys for their efforts … but are they current?  Have they earned ongoing education and certifications into the new materials and techniques that have dominated the fencing industry in recent years and continue to evolve and improve?  It’s not clear.


PC Fence Builders

Companies like this are exactly why we wrote an article about choosing the right fence company in Panama City.  I am not sure why anyone would hire a fence company that doesn’t have a website and has only 1 Google review that rates them at a 1.0.  Your home or business deserves better.  Make sure to thoroughly vet any fence company you are considering doing business with!


AAA Hurricane Fence

Here is another company that sells fencing jobs to Panama City residents that does not seem to be professional.  They have a terrible Google rating and their online reviews are horrible.  No website and no way to evaluate them means that you should probably avoid this company.  There are many other good fence companies in Panama City, no need to deal with this mess!

Prestige Pavers and Fencing

Most of their website is about pavers.  This means fencing is probably a side service.  They are not certified or accredited in any way that we can see.  Our recommendation is that you use a company that specializes in the latest fencing installation techniques to get the best quality fence for your Panama City home or business.


The Best Fence Company in Panama City Florida

At Mr Fence of Florida, we are committed to being a great fence company.  Our dedication and hard work almost guarantee that we will do a great job for you.  Add to that our commitment to excellence as evidenced by our various professional affiliations and certifications – and you can be certain that when you trust Mr Fence of Florida to install your Panama City fence … you are working with real pros!

Give us a call to see how you can experience the Mr Fence difference!