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High-Quality Wood Fences in the Panama City area of Florida are available from Mr. Fence. Each wood fence is installed with professional precision that you can rely on.

In addition to high-quality products and professional installations, you also get a lifetime craftsman guarantee for each and every installation.

Wood Privacy Fences - Panama City Florida

Panama City, FloridaWood Privacy Fence

The most cost efficient fence style is the Standard Wood Privacy Fence which comes in heights from 4′ to 12′. Wood fences can be graduated down to differing heights based on city regulations or preference.

Wood fencing is a popular choice for homeowners across the entire Panama City Florida region - providing privacy and safety for children and pets. If you are interested in privacy fencing or security fencing, our Standard Wood Privacy Fence will be a perfect fit for your backyard.

Panama City, FloridaWood Shadowbox Fence Design

Our wood shadowbox style fence is a popular upgrade for Panama City residents that won’t break the bank. Its appearance is “Neighbor Friendly” because it has no bad side - the design of fence gives both sides a finished look which is a very unique feature of this style of fence.

Shadowbox Fences lets air move freely through the boards allowing for a nice breeze in the backyard as well as helping extend the life of your fence by removing the constant pressure of wind against a solid structure. This is another popular feature in Panama City as the Floridas winds can be fierce at times.

Wood Shadowbox Style Fence Design - Panama City FL
Board on Board Style Wood Fence in Panama City, Florida

Panama City, FloridaBoard on Board Wood Fence Design

Looking to take your curb appeal to the next level? A Board on Board Fence from Mr. Fence of Florida will do just that.

This custom wood fence design can be modified from a post and picket style to the addition of top and bottom trim that gives it a fortress appearance that is sure to increase the value of your property.

Heights can range from 4′ to 8′ with options for post caps that can range from a beautiful Hampton Style to Solar options that will illuminate your fence at night.

Mr. Fence Special *2019 AFA Pro Award Winner

The Mr. Fence Special is a one of a kind creation. From framing to picketing and finishing trim this fence was designed by our Sales Consultant Alex Seaborne.

Every project he modifies to fit the customers home and preferences. We have graduated this fence from 6′ to a 4′ road height regulation and from a 6′ backyard privacy fence up to 8′ back line.

Decorative Wood Fence example in Panama City Florida
Ranch rail style wood fence in Florida

Panama City, FloridaRanch Rail Fencing

Ranch fencing is a great option for larger lots in the Panama City Florida area that want to create a fence line around their property. It fits well with Farmhouse style homes and Ranch homes that are common in our area.

Available in 2-rail up to 5-rail in both Wood and Vinyl options - the 2-rail is a good choice for road frontage fence, creates a defined space without interfering with the view from the front of the home.

Add-on’s such as welded wire are available for farm fencing.

Panama City, FloridaHorizontal Fence Design

This style is popular for Modern and Coastal Architecture for both residential and commercial customers across Florida.

Available in different heights as well as finishing trims. Top trim and side trims can be added for a framed appearance but can be left as a simple design for a more cost effective project.

Several options to choose from and modifications available for this style. Make sure you talk to our Sales Consultant to design what best fits your taste and budget.

Horizontal fence design - Florida fence company
wood picket fencing for a homeowner on Panama city, fl

Panama City, FloridaWood Picket Fencing

Is there anything more traditional than a wood picket fence? Wood pickets create a property line fence without blocking out your neighbors ... hearkening back to simpler times.

Wood picket fences are available in varying heights in both wood and vinyl options. There are also many options for the width and style of the pickets.

Ask your Sales Consultant about all available options. This is one of our most popular fences around Panama City.

Panama City, FloridaCustom Wood Fence Designs

Have inspiration pictures you would like to see come to life? In-home consultations are a great time to discuss how to make those dreams come to life.

Options are endless at Mr. Fence as our Sales Consultations can help design your dream fence into a reality.

Custom wood fence design
semi-private wodd fencing style

Why Wood Fencing for Panama City

A Variety of Wood Fence Styles

When it comes to stylish wooden fences, there’s a whole world of options that Mr. Fence offers. There are privacy fences as well as pickets, not to mention regular stockade styles. Each of these fence types come with different styles, like how privacy fences can be board by board or even shadowbox. You’re sure to find a style that fits your needs and your sense of fashion.

Different Wood Types

The next thing to consider when you get a wood fence is the type of wood you want to use. You have many choices, and each one has its own unique properties. Cedar is naturally resistant to many pests and weathering effects, while pine is extremely economical and is a sustainable resource. Ask more about the types of wood we carry when you call for your consultation.

A Collection of Colors

With so many styles of fence and types of wood, you already know there are countless colors to choose from. Your color mainly depends on what you plan on doing with your wood fence. For instance, you can leave your wood to be natural, gloss it, stain it, or paint it. If you need help getting the color you want for your fence, we can help you get it.

Examples of Wood Fences in Panama City, Florida

example of a board on board style wood fence installation in Panama City, FL
shadow box style wood fence installation in Panama City, FL
horizontal style wood fence installation in Panama City, FL
board on board style wood fence installation in Panama City, FL
residential wood fence installation in Panama City, Florida
wood privacy fence - Panama City, Florida
a beautiful residential wood fence example in Panama City, FL
wood privacy fence sockade style in Panama City, FL
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