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Mr. Fence of Florida proudly serves Panama City and the surrounding areas with professionally installed high-quality aluminum fences. In addition to great products and craftsmanship, we also offer lifetime craftsman guarantees on all of our installations. When you need something professionally fenced in, you need to call Mr. Fence of Florida.

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Continue reading to find out more about the aluminum products we offer. In addition to the overview, you will find a short list of why aluminum fences are the way to go.

decorative aluminum fencing - example of a commercial aluminum fence in Panama City, FL

Aluminum Fencing Manufactured By Jerith Manufacturing

Jerith backs your investment with a Lifetime Warranty, against rust, defects in workmanship, as well as chipping, peeling, or cracks. FencCoat Finish produces high quality, long-lasting finish that is tested to withstand salt and high levels of humidity perfect for coastal climates. Gates are built to match every fence design with the option of an arched entry.

Several level options to fit any budget from economical to Commercial security grade.

*Available in the colors Black, Bronze and White.

Value & Durability Of Aluminum Fencing

Mr. Fence's Aluminum fencing adds prestige and value to any property without the maintenance of traditional wrought iron fencing. We offer a wide variety of styles, colors and heights that enable us to tailor any fence to your specifications.

As well as being visually appealing our Aluminum fencing is extremely durable and highly resilient to most effects of weather and decay. Tested to withstand over 3,000 hrs of Salt-Spray and High Humidity built for Coastal Regions.

Commercial aluminum fence in Panama City, FL
a beautiful example of a residential aluminum fence we installed in Panama City, Florida

Amazing Attributes Of Aluminum Fences


Aluminum fences are generally fabricated into elegant and fashion-savvy styles that please the eye and accent decor on property boundaries. Our aluminum fences are available in many colors, and even more elegant styles. From the flowy fleur-de-lis variations to the triple beamed arrowhead designs, you are sure to find a fence that fits your sense of style.


Not only do they look good, but these fences are great for adding an extra layer of security to your residential or commercial property. Made from such a strong material, our fences are a formidable obstacle to any potential trespassers. Especially when a more aggressive style is chosen. Uninvited passersby will think twice before they attempt to scale your sturdy fence.


Aluminum is an extremely strong material in terms of pure durability and resistance to damaging elements. Even though it is lightweight, aluminum can resist high amounts of stress and doesn't bend easily. In addition to physical strength, aluminum is barely phased by the effects of rust decay. As well as most of the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays, moisture, and damaging pests.

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