Mr. Fence is happy to announce that we now have a huge selection of gates and matching fences. Just about any, if not every, fence that we offer for installation comes with a matching gate as an accessory option. We also install gates on existing fences if you’re just tired of your current gate, give us a call! Over the phone, we will set up your in-home consultation and get the ball rolling on your new gate installation.

Call or email us to schedule your in-home consultation for a day that best fits your personal schedule.

Not sure if you need or even want a gate? That’s ok, let us help you make up your mind with some additional information so you can make a well-informed decision. After all, your gate literally makes or breaks your fence line, so we want to help you make the best decision possible.

Below, you can find a quick overview of why our gates are so great as well as a short list of why gates are a great addition to any property. Take a look for a better glimpse of what we offer and why it’s your best choice.

Why Our Gates Are So Good

At Mr. Fence, we take great pride in our work and reputation, so you can be sure that we offer the best you can get.

Our high-quality products are all installed with professional precision by highly trained installation crews, and they are covered by our craftsman guarantee. This especially applies to our line of gates and gate operators.

You can rest assured that when you make a purchase from Mr. Fence, you’re making a long-lasting decision that you’re guaranteed to be happy with.

Reasons For That New Gate


Gates are a great addition to any fence line. When you install a gate, you give yourself a new access point that you can enter and exit through. Additional entrances are great for property owners with boats, larger riding mowers, and/or extra vehicles. The extra entrance or two gives you enough wiggle room to reorganize your inventory or reduce traffic difficulty.


When you get a new gate, you’re more than likely going to get a model that at least resembles or compliments your fence. This can help tie together the look of your property, or could even serve to draw attention to a specific part. With so many options, the choice is yours to make.


Adding an extra gate to your property means adding an extra safety feature as well. Extra gates allow for more traffic to disperse in case of an emergency such as a fire. They also provide security as they can be garrisoned by security personnel or even monitored by camera.

Let's Work Together

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