A poorly maintained, broken, or rotted fence can certainly detract from the beauty of a home. In addition to being an eye sore, the decreased functionality of an old, worn-out fence also takes away from the benefits of having a fence in the first place. Over time, it’s natural for certain types of fences to begin to fail. As a reputable Florida fence company, we are sharing some tips for determining whether or not it’s time to plan for a new fence. 

3 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Panama City Fence

In many cases, Florida residential fencing can be repaired. In fact, a reasonable amount of repair work should be considered part of proper maintenance, but a time will come when repairs are simply not worth it anymore. Although it is not always an easy choice, it is beneficial to your property to take the time to plan for a new fence when the time comes. Read on to learn about the top three signs that it’s time to call your favorite Florida fence company to replace your fence.

Structural Damage in Your Fence

If you can see through what should be solid pickets of your wood fence, you need repairs at the very least. Keep in mind that the new wood of a recently installed fence will shrink as it dries so to maintain a fully private fence with no areas of gapping, let us help you choose the best style of wood fence. 


If only one or two boards have holes or enlarged gaps, you might consider replacing just those boards. However, if the holes are more widespread, they are probably indicative of more severe damage. In this case, it would make sense to replace the fence. Even after repairing affected boards, the presence of many holes and large gaps indicates that the fence, as a whole, is losing its integrity. 


The same UV rays that affect humans can degrade your wood fence over time. The most common effect of UV rays is bleaching, in which a fence starts to lose its color and slowly fades to a light gray color, but the color change is just the most visible effect. As a fence grays, it also dries out and loses structural integrity. If your fence has turned colors, make sure to look for other weaknesses and signs of damage. Over time, moisture can cause a fence to rot. If you notice areas of the fence that are rotting and wearing away, usually at the bottoms of the pickets, you will probably need a replacement fence soon. 


Other types of fences, in addition to wood, can experience structural damage as well, including chain link and vinyl. A vinyl fence that has cracked could be repaired by replacing the affected panel, but if multiple panels are damaged, it might be wise to replace the fence. Chain link fences are very strong, but it is possible for the fence to become damaged. It might be possible to repair this, but if you’re interested in a new look, it could also be an opportunity to explore different styles of Florida residential fencing if you choose to replace it instead. 

Rust or Discoloration on Your Florida Residential Fencing

Most modern fences use technology to make sure they don’t become discolored or develop rust, but if your fence is older, this could be an issue. Many steel fences, like chain link fencing, are coated with special materials to resist rust, but these coatings can wear off over time. Older chain link fences that were made before they were coated with a rust-resistant, galvanized material can deteriorate and become rusty. 


A rusty fence can be dangerous if someone gets cut on it because of the risk of tetanus. Catching the rust early will greatly extend the life of your fence since it can be spot treated. Rust spots can be sanded and then painted with rust-resistant paint. However, if your fence is showing signs of rust across the whole fence, it may be time to give in and build a new fence. Now, there are many options from your favorite Florida fence company that will not rust, including modern PVC-coated chain link as well as aluminum fencing in addition to vinyl fencing and wood fencing.  

Your Fence is Leaning

If your fence is doing anything other than standing up straight, it is time to consider a new fence. In most cases, by the time a fence is leaning, it is too late for repairs. There are a few reasons a fence might lean. If a fence is leaning, something is usually wrong with the posts. Posts hold the fence in place and are typically anchored into the ground by a no-dig method or with cement. The cement holds the posts upright, but the cement itself is poured into a hole in the ground. If the ground shifts, the whole cement footing and the post it holds can tilt. Usually, this cannot be repaired without considerable trouble. When a repair like this is necessary, the fence itself is usually also in trouble. You can call your trusted Florida fence company to help you determine if repairing the fence is possible.

When It’s Time to Replace Your Florida Residential Fencing, Call the Pros at Mr. Fence of Florida!

If you are in need of replacing your existing worn-out fence, consider the fence experts at Mr. Fence of Florida. We have all types of fences for every need. Two of our most popular types of fencing are our aluminum fencing and our vinyl fencing, both coming with a lifetime warranty on materials. Reach us online or via phone at (850) 360-3573 and speak to one of our friendly, knowledgeable team members to get on your way to a new fence right away!