The chances of your yard being completely level are very slim, so you might be wondering how a fence could fit into your landscape. Mr. Fence of Florida has mastered the extra work it takes to install beautiful residential fencing in Panama City, FL on slopes and uneven ground. We have the experience and know-how to tackle this challenge using three possible solutions. 

Read on to learn which one of these common installation methods for fences on an incline might be right for your situation.  

What Should I Know About Having a Panama City, FL Residential Fence Installed on Uneven Ground?

A major concern for homeowners looking to install a fence on their yard with inclines and slopes is that they will need to flatten out their property. Fortunately, there are several techniques to install residential fencing in Panama City, FL without removing any dirt or flattening inclines. When you install your fence with a top Panama City fencing contractor, it’s not necessary to do a complete overhaul of your yard with noisy excavators and bulldozers.


There are certain risks to consider when installing a fence on an incline or uneven ground that make it very important to evaluate the property and properly plan the best technique. The basic structure of sloped ground cause the posts to be at different elevations, so they cannot be connected as they normally would with level rails and pickets. When fence posts are not level, the panels are likely to sag or warp, which makes the fence less attractive and can affect its function. Additionally, the fence itself can have a tendency to be weaker when not built on level ground. An uneven fence has a greater chance of falling over, which could cause injury to people or damage to property. Something else to consider is that an uneven fence can be difficult to maintain because of the fact that weeds and plants can grow more easily in the space created by the uneven surface. 

What are the Installation Methods Used for Installing Fences on Inclines? 

There are three commonly used installation methods for installing fences along inclines: stepping, racking, or choosing a level-topped fence. Depending on your personal preference and the angle of the inclines on your property, one of these techniques may be better suited than the others for installing residential fencing in Panama City, FL. Reach out to Mr. Fence of Florida, the top Panama City fencing contractor, to discover which installation technique is better suited for your yard. 

Racked Fencing in Panama City, FL

Racked fences are the most popular option when installing a fence along uneven ground. When our team installs a racked fence, the bottom and top rails are aligned with the sloped ground, creating a fence that seamlessly follows the curve of your yard. The individual posts and pickets are placed slightly lower than the post or picket preceding it as you move down the slope. Racked fences are aligned with the ground, which creates a smooth and uniform look for your Panama City, FL residential fence. 


Racked fences, much like traditional fences placed along flat ground, have a uniform top and bottom edge created by the fence rails. These top and bottom rails smoothly follow the ground, eliminating any large gaps between the bottom fence rail and the ground. This fence style is well-suited for individuals looking to enclose a yard for the safety of kids or pets! Both vinyl and aluminum fences can be installed as racked fences, allowing you to select the fence style that best suits your preferences!


For a property with a slight to moderate grade, racking fences provide a simple solution and a custom look without all the meticulous calculations and labor-intensive installation of a fully custom fence. One of the only disadvantages of racking fences is that as the grade of the slope increases, the pickets will be closer together. This can give an uneven appearance, and most manufacturers recommend a slope of 10º or less. Some specialty racking fences are available for steeper grades, but in general, steep grades require custom fencing for a smooth, level top.


While racking is the most popular technique for residential fencing in Panama City, FL along an incline, this technique is not appropriate for all properties. If your yard has steeper inclines or slopes, installing a racked fence may not be possible. Instead, your Panama City, FL fencing contractor can install a stepped fence! 

Stepped Fencing in Panama City, FL

Stepped fences are ideal for Panama City, FL property owners looking to install fences along steeper inclines. Stepped fences, as their name suggests, have a rail line that is installed to look like a set of steps or stairs. In a stepped fence, fence posts are placed at regular intervals traveling down the slope, with each post placed slightly lower than the post preceding it. The top and bottom fence rails are then installed perpendicular to the posts, creating a stepped appearance. Although it doesn’t provide the smooth, even lines of a regular fence, it can accommodate steep slopes without installing an excessively slanted fence line.


While stepped fences are ideal for yards with steeper slopes, their design leaves a triangular gap between the bottom rail of the fence and the ground. This gap may be large enough to allow pets or very small children to leave the safety of your yard, making this fence less ideal for those looking to securely enclose their yard. However, stepped fences are still suitable for those looking to create privacy around their hilly yard with a Panama City, FL residential fence. To create a fully-enclosed fence, you can combine stepped fencing with additional landscaping and fill in the spaces with new soil and grass seed.

Panama City, FL Level-Topped Fence

If your ground has some dips and rises rather than a straight slope or incline, you may be able to install a level-topped fence. This is basically a creative name for the same type of fence you would install on flat ground, with a top that is level all the way across. Building a level-topped fence with the addition of a little landscaping can be a great solution if the land has uneven areas and dips. To begin, the low spots are filled in with a bit of soil and grass seed. For larger dips, filling in with rocks and gravel and then covering with dirt on top may be necessary. Planting bushes and plants along the base of the fence to hide irregularities is another solution if you choose level-topped residential fencing in Panama City, FL.

We’re Here to Guide Your Panama City, FL Residential Fence Installation

If you’re interested in exploring a variety of fence styles for your sloped or inclined property, then you are in the right place! A variety of fence styles can be installed for your Panama City, FL residential fence, even if you are working with slopes and hills. We love the classic look of aluminum fences and the abundant customization options of vinyl fences and wood fences for uneven terrain. 


Fences installed along inclines are unique in both their installation and maintenance requirements. Hills are more prone to soil erosion than flat areas, which can cause fence posts to become unstable. To avoid potential collapses, you should routinely check your fence, monitor areas of erosion, and replace soil as needed. With a little bit of routine maintenance and our expert installation, your Panama City, FL residential fence will remain functional and beautiful for years to come! 


The decision to install a stepped, racked, or level-topped fence on an incline is a personal decision based on your tastes, property, and individual needs. If you have any questions, your experienced and friendly Panama City fencing contractor is here to help!

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