You may believe that your involvement in the planning process is over now that you have decided on the kind of material, the design, and the placement for your new residential fencing Panama City, FL project. Fence gates are one additional item to consider, though. Any new fence must have gates, and these should be taken into account as well. As an expert Panama City fencing company, Mr. Fence of Florida has provided a list of crucial factors to take into account when determining the number of gates your new fence will require.

Consider the Purpose of Your Fence 

If you have not yet chosen your fence, check out our residential fencing options. You can also view our photo gallery to see some of our favorite projects. If you’ve chosen your fence, the next step is to decide how many gates you will need for your fence. 


If you only need an entryway to your yard that will accommodate people or pets, a single gate will work well. This type of fence also works well for a pool entry. If you need to have access for lawn equipment, recreational vehicles, or other types of equipment, you will need a double gate. These are wide enough to accommodate small machines and vehicles. 


If your fence goes around your entire property, you will probably want to consider a gate for your driveway. You can get a standard double get that opens manually and choose from swing or slide options. Alternatively, an automatic gate with keypad entry will increase security and prevent unwanted visitors from having access to your property. Take some time to consider your fence’s different functions, which will help you narrow down your options when choosing the gates. 

Think about Property Size and Fence Location 

Another consideration to make when choosing your gates is figuring out how many you will need for your residential fencing Panama City, FL project. The first thing to think about is the size of the property you are fencing in. If it’s small, such as your backyard, you may only need one standard single gate. If you have a larger yard, you may want to consider having multiple access points, so a couple of single gates may be the right solution. If you have a large yard, you may also need access for lawn equipment, and in that case, you would want a double gate for entrance areas. 

As you think about the size of your fence, you may want to spend some time thinking about the purpose of your fence. Is it a barrier between you and your neighbor’s property? Or maybe it simply lines the back section of your property? If that’s the case, you may think you don’t need a gate in that section. This may be true, but if you’re worried about losing anything over the fence, such as your kid’s ball or another toy, having an additional gate installed in one of those areas may make it easier for you if you need to retrieve something quickly. 

Regardless of your fence size and property size, you want to make sure that your gates enable you to have easy access to your property as needed. 

Types of Fence Gates by Mr. Fence of Florida

Once you have decided how many gates and what size gate you need, you can choose from our gate many options. Mr. Fence of Florida’s partner company, Mr. Gate, manufactures all of our gates in-house by our expert shop welder. We offer a lifetime craftsmanship warranty on all installs and repairs, a full 1-year warranty on all parts and labor under normal operating conditions, and annual service contracts. 


We have several LiftMaster gates available to match seamlessly with your residential fencing Panama City, FL project and provide the level of access that your property needs. We will help you choose which of these gates is just right for your particular project. 


  • Standard Fence Gates: This type of gate matches or complements the fence that we install. It’s an important feature of your fence, and it’s important that it’s installed correctly. It should be strong and able to handle regular traffic. 


  • Automatic Gates: Available in multiple sizes and styles, automatic gates provide additional security and protect your property from unwanted visitors. 


  • Gates for Existing Fences: If you have an existing fence that needs an updated gate, we are able to match or complement your existing fence. We will install your new gate to the same standards we use on our fence installations, so you can rest assured knowing that it will be sturdy and secure. 


  • Gate Operators: We have a wide variety of automatic gate operators for residential or commercial properties. Select from swing gate operators, slide gate operators, barrier gate operators, or heavy-duty gate operators that integrate with LiftMaster access control technology. 

  • Keypad Entry: Available for walk gates or drive gates, our keyless entry systems are perfect for residential or commercial properties. Keep your property safe and secure with one of these systems. 

Mr. Fence of Florida is Here to Help 

The options for gates are almost as varied as the options for fences, so if you need a hand figuring out which is best for your project, Mr. Fence of Florida is here to help. As an expert Panama City fencing company, we have the experience and expertise to provide you with exactly what you need. Give us a call at (850) 604-0900 or contact us online. Find your perfect gate and fence today!