Installing a new fence can be an overwhelming prospect, especially if you do not have much experience with fencing projects. As an expert Panama City fencing contractor, Mr. Fence of Florida is here to help alleviate some of your fence-planning stress. Keep reading to find seven ways that you can prepare for your next fence project. 

#1: Talk to Your Neighbors

Letting your neighbors know that you are planning to install a new fence is kind and courteous and can help reduce any friction with them. While it’s not necessary to discuss your plans with them, it can help to ease some stress. Your neighbors may even want to split the cost of the fence if it’s on a shared property line. Even if they don’t, keeping them in the loop regarding your fence plans may help to reduce any future surprises or disagreements. 

#2: Verify Your Property Lines

Make sure the plans that you have for your property are up to date and verify your property lines. If you don’t have accurate records, you can reach out to your local county’s office or hire a qualified land surveyor to determine your property lines. Knowing exactly where your property begins and ends is an essential step for residential fencing for Panama City, FL projects. 

#3: Check Your Local Laws

If you are part of a homeowner’s association (HOA), find out what their regulations are regarding fence height, materials, and colors. There are usually very specific rules to follow if you are part of an HOA. Even if you are not in an HOA, your local government may have laws in place regarding your fence. Get in touch with your local offices to verify what is permissible. While your local Panama City, FL fencing contractor may be familiar with some of these regulations, it is your responsibility as the homeowner to verify all of the details and comply. 

#4: Choose an Attractive Fence

Once you know which fence materials and styles are approved for your project, you can begin looking at Mr. Fence of Florida’s available residential fencing products. We have a helpful online fence estimator tool that will allow you to get an immediate price estimate for your project. You can see an aerial view of your property, draw a fence line within your property borders, choose materials, and compare costs. Consider your existing home’s architecture, decor, and color palette before choosing your fence to make sure that the finished project complements your home’s aesthetic. 

#5: Contact Local Utility Companies

Before you schedule your fence installation, call 811, and they will contact your utility companies to mark underground lines. You need to know where any underground water, electric, or gas lines may be, and they need to be clearly marked before digging can start. Your local Panama City fencing contractor may be familiar with this process, but it’s your responsibility as the homeowner to make sure that everything is marked correctly. 

#6: Clean and Prepare

When you have completed the previous steps and scheduled your fence installation, take some time to clean your yard and prepare for installation. Make sure there are no major obstacles in the way, clean up any toys that may be in your yard, remove dog waste, and mow the grass if needed. Properly preparing for fence installation will make the project go more smoothly. 

#7: Choose a Trustworthy Panama City Fencing Contractor

Not all fence companies are created equal. Choose a company that values quality workmanship, offers excellent customer service, and provides exceptional solutions for all of your fencing needs. Mr. Fence of Florida meets all of these requirements and more! We have built our reputation one fence installation at a time, and we are here for all of your fencing needs. 

Ready To Start Your Fence Project With a Reputable Florida Fence Company?

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