Vinyl fencing is one of the most attractive and durable fencing materials to use when enhancing your outdoor living space and there are a variety of styles to suit your particular taste. Let’s take a look at some of our most popular styles of vinyl fencing and learn a little more about the benefits of vinyl fencing in Panama City. 

Benefits of Vinyl Fencing in Panama City 

Vinyl, also called PVC, is one of the most durable, strong, and low-maintenance materials available for perimeter fencing. Our 100% vinyl PVC fencing is manufactured in America and combines the most stringent quality standards with the most innovative compounds to produce a product that will stand up to Florida’s hot, humid, and sometimes harsh weather.  Available in several styles including privacy, semi-privacy, picket, and ranch rail, and also in a variety of colors, our vinyl fencing in Panama City will look great for years to come. 

Strength and Durability of Vinyl Fence

A vinyl fence will not let you down when it comes to strength and the ability to withstand the variable weather in the Panama City area. Vinyl fencing is impervious to rust and insects, so you can expect it to last for decades. Furthermore, because vinyl does not absorb moisture, it will not warp or rot so it’s safe to install it near a swimming pool or sprinkler.

Low Maintenance Features

Vinyl fencing retains its color wonderfully because the material is the same color from the inside out. You won’t have to worry about staining, sealing, or repainting and you won’t have to replace any rotten or warped boards. You’ll have a beautiful vinyl fence that requires very little attention and will practically take care of itself! 

If your fence needs a little cleaning, a simple spray with the hose will do the job. If there’s a build-up of grime, then a bucket of sudsy water and a washrag is all you’ll need to wash down your fence and keep it looking brand new. 

Styles of Vinyl Fencing in Panama City FL

Whether you want a classic, welcoming picket fence or a sturdy privacy fence in Panama City, we have the perfect style for you! We can customize the style of our vinyl fencing to suit your needs and we also have options for different post tops and gates to further customize the look of each fence. We offer a wide array of designs and styles so that your vision can have the exact aesthetic you’re looking for. Our vinyl fence products are manufactured in the United States and are readily available in several styles and colors to suit your home’s aesthetic. We really love vinyl fencing and we bet you will too as you take a look at the stylish attributes of this fantastic material. 


Here is a look at some of the most popular styles of vinyl fencing in Panama City, Florida.


Photo of a vinyl privacy fence

Vinyl Privacy Fence Panama City

A solid privacy fence is one of the most traditional and popular vinyl fence styles in the Panama City area. It features tongue-and-groove boards and is available in a wide variety of sizes and colors. With no gaps or spacing between pickets, this style of vinyl fencing is great for our customers who are seeking maximum privacy. To further customize this look, we offer a lattice top and closed and open spindle tops. The panels can also be oriented vertically or horizontally, giving you additional options.


Photo of a vinyl picket fence

Picket Style Vinyl Fences 

The nostalgic look of a picket fence is still popular today and will give your property a beautiful, decorative treatment while also providing a distinctive border around your yard. A white picket fence can give houses a friendly, family-orientated look that welcomes visitors to the home


Photo of a crossbuck vinyl fence

Crossbuck Ranch Style

These fences have a rustic farm aesthetic and can be used for decoration or for practicality, making them popular for properties in rural areas, farms, and ranches. Crossbuck ranch-style fences are often used to define a residential property line from the road, enclose a garden, or wrangle in wide-open property spaces.


Ranch Rail Vinyl Fencing

These fences feature long, smooth-cut rectangular vinyl rails suspended between larger posts. Horizontal posts are usually placed 6 feet apart and 5 feet tall. They can have two, three, or four horizontal rails to prevent livestock from being able to roam and are generally considered functional rather than ornamental.

Ready For The Best Vinyl Fencing Panama City?

No matter which style of fence you choose for your property, you’ll want to make sure you work with a professional company that uses the best quality materials and provides expert installation. At Mr. Fence of Florida, we set our standards high and provide the best materials and installation for all of our fence solutions. If you have questions, reach out to our friendly staff who know just what you need to have a vinyl fence in Panama City that will last a lifetime. Contact us by phone at (850) 360-3573 or through our website, or check out our easy instant online quote tool today!