A decorative fence can be a key feature when landscaping your yard and will greatly elevate your outdoor space – enhancing privacy, creating areas for socializing, and even helping you grow climbing plants in your front or backyard. Curious about what type of fence may work for your outdoor space? Read on to discover our favorite decorative fence ideas. 

Which Fencing Style is Perfect For You?

A fence can be a key feature when landscaping your yard and will go a long way in keeping your outdoor space private, stylish, and protected. Border your front or back yard with a stylish fence that will enhance privacy without compromising great design. Here are the top materials that we recommend for your decorative fence in Panama City, Florida:

The Natural Appeal of a Wood Fence

If you choose vibrantly colored plants and bright outdoor furniture, you can let your fence take a back seat with a natural, solid wood fence that will help all your bright decor do the talking. Your fence will blend into your garden and landscaping, not conflict with them. 


Slatted designs still increase privacy and make great patio ideas for more contemporary yard spaces. Accessorize and increase privacy further with tall, colorful planting around your fence to create a cool and very liveable section of your outdoor space.


Let your front garden fence bring color to your outdoor space in all seasons with a splash of brightly colored paint. You can buy panels that are pre-treated in colored stains, but otherwise, take advantage of the large range of exterior wood paints on the market and save money with this easy DIY.

Clean and Classic Vinyl Fencing

A classic white fence never goes out of style, allowing the natural beauty and colors of the landscape to shine. Low-maintenance vinyl fencing provides an updated look to the classic white picket fence. It keeps its pristine appearance—and you never need to paint it because the color is solid throughout the fence. If a white fence feels stark in your yard, soften it by weaving climbing vines like honeysuckle or jasmine, or other blooming plants through the pickets. A low picket fence gives definition to an area but still allows unobstructed views.


If your yard is all about outdoor living then creating smaller areas that feel really relaxed and secluded is the right way to go. Solid vinyl panels can be used to fence off a dining area perfectly and create a gorgeous backdrop behind some tall trees, helping it all blend into the landscape.


If you’ve got a thriving kitchen garden going, then add a little structure around it for better wind and even pest protection. Picket-style garden fencing provides a barrier, without cutting off your plot from the outside world – the low height invites interaction, while the gaps between pickets give a glimpse of the garden beyond. 

Aluminum Fences Are High on Style

Aluminum fencing is one of the most attractive options that you can choose for a decorative fence in Panama City, FL and it adds a prestigious look that will positively increase your curb appeal. Aluminum is one of the most popular materials used in ornamental fencing because it never rusts, even in the harshest climates, making it ideal for our Florida weather which often includes blistering heat and humidity. Best of all, aluminum is 100 percent recyclable with most manufacturers using substantial amounts of recycled scrap to create aluminum fencing. 


Aluminum fences are frequently used as part of front yard landscaping to create a boundary that looks imposing from a security point of view, without blocking the view of the home. They are durable, strong, and available in many styles that are suited for all types of architecture, from traditional to contemporary, and require little maintenance.

Chain Link is a Classic, Budget-Friendly Option

You can improve the appearance of ordinary chain link fences by growing climbers and creepers over the fence. It takes a while, but will eventually form a much more solid, attractive fence. Another option if you have a limited budget is to insert narrow strips of PVC through the links to make the fence more solid and less visually open. Chain link fences are also available with an even more durable PVC coating in either black or green and are not impacted negatively by heat, cold, or wet climates. 

Discover the Details of Decorative Fences in Panama City, FL

Whichever decorative fence in Panama City you choose, it can add lots of interest to spaces big and small. 

Whether you want a traditional rustic look, a more subtle, natural design, or a modern metal finish for a flash of contemporary cool, there is a vast choice of fence styles and materials out there. To help you decide which decorative fence best suits your needs, taste, and budget take a look at our residential fencing page, and then take a look at our photo gallery for more ideas. Then, all you need to do is add some attractive garden furniture to your outdoor space, and you’re ready to entertain your guests!

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