One of the first steps in selecting a fence for your property is to decide what type of fence you want. Wood fences are a very popular choice with Panama City residents, and for good reason.

Let’s explore everything you need to know about wood fences for Panama City Florida residential and commercial installations.

About Wood Fences

Wood fences work in nearly every situation. The versatility and the relatively low initial cost of wood fences make them the fence of choice for nearly every situation.

Whether you are looking to install your wood fence at home or for your business, wood fences will be among the cheapest and strongest options you can find.

Wood fencing is a popular choice for homeowners across the entire Panama City Florida region – providing privacy and safety for children and pets. If you are interested in privacy fencing or security fencing, our Standard Wood Privacy Fence will be a perfect fit for your backyard.

Common Applications For Wood Fences in Panama City Florida

Because of its versatility and relatively low cost as compared to other types of fencing, wood fences are used in a variety of settings for a wide variety of applications in the Panama City area. Here are some of the most common application of wood fencing in our area:

Wood Privacy Fences in Panama City

It’s hard to match the cost and strength of a wood privacy fence. Typically, in the Panama City area, wood privacy fences can reach heights of 6ft to 8ft in the backyard – giving you and your family plenty of privacy. Learn more about wood privacy fences.

Wood Picket Fencing

The traditional wood picket fence is as American as baseball and apple pie. Wood picket fences are most often used in front yards in Panama City. See our photo gallery for examples of wood picket fences.

Commercial Wood Fencing

Because of its strength and relatively low installation cost, wood fences are very popular with businesses in the Panama City Florida area. Talk to one of our fence experts about all the solutions we have for commercial wood fences or check out our commercial fencing page on our website for more information.

Design Your Wood Fence Online

We have a great online tool that allows you to design your fence online and get an instant price estimate. This tool. If you’d like to play around a little bit and see what impact on the pricing can be when enlarging or shrinking the area of your yard you choose to fence, adding gates, etc. – this is a great way to do it.

This is a great tool for DIY homeowners in Panama City who are thinking about installing their own wood fence. If you are interested in DIY fencing in Panama City or the surrounding area, we are happy to sell you the fence, the posts, the gates, … everything you need. We’ll drop it all off at your location and you can install your wood fence yourself to save the cost of installation.

Whatever we can do to help you protect your yard, your home, and your family with beautiful wood fencing … we are here to help!

Wood Fence for Your Panama City Property

Are you ready to talk to one of our fence experts about a wood fence for your home or business? If you live in Panama City Florida or the surrounding area, let Mr. Fence of Florida show you all the great options you have with wood fencing.

Give us a call or fill out our contact form to see how you can experience the Mr. Fence difference!