Yes.  There is a fencing shortage right now in Florida and, in fact, across the entire country.  As with any shortage, this fencing shortage can cause bigger problems for some Florida residents than others.  This article will explore how to navigate these difficult times in the Florida fencing market.


Florida Fencing Shortage and Price

Any time there is a shortage of anything, it usually causes an increase in price.  The current fencing shortage in Florida is no different.  Prices have increased on fencing of all types significantly over the past year and we expect them to keep climbing for the foreseeable future.


Now, the shortage of fencing is not the only reason fence prices have increased.  Here is an article about why Florida fence prices are increasing – which covers this topic in much greater detail


Factors Contributing to the Fence Shortage in Florida

Covid got things started.


People were home with time on their hands.  They looked around their homes and their yards and began to tackle some of those projects that had slipped by for too long.  Additionally, with everyone home at the same time, all the time – many people felt they wanted more privacy.


Fences are a natural solution.


The sudden increase in demand while fence manufacturers across the country were forced to shut down or scale back operations for a while was a deadly combination for the supply of fencing.


As soon as fence dealers got a hint of a shortage, many of them (including us) snatched up as much fencing material as possible so we could meet the needs of our customers.  This “run” on the available supply was too much for the industry to handle at a time of decreased production due to Covid.


Now we have a nationwide fencing shortage that is impacting Florida hard.


Should I Buy a Fence in Florida? … Or Should I Wait?

We believe the problem is not going to be fixed any time soon.  If you want a fence or need a fence, I suggest you act now.  We still have plenty of fencing for most of our Florida projects but it is unclear how long that is going to last!


Improve The Value of Your Florida Home With a Fence From Mr Fence

Don’t let the recent rise in fence prices or the fencing shortage discourage you from your next fence project.  We can still get you set-up with a new fence for your Florida property.  It is a great investment in your home and the added privacy and security are worth any little bumps in the road we may be experiencing right now!  Contact one of our fence experts for a consultation.  Don’t wait!