When looking for a new fence for your home, it’s important to understand the differences between each option before deciding on the right one for you! Here at Mr. Fence, safety is our top priority, which is why we craft our aluminum and vinyl fences as secure, strong barriers around your yard to keep your loved ones safe. 

How are you to know which of these weather-resistant, resilient fencing options is the perfect fit for your specific needs? We’ve got you covered– let’s explore the distinctions between aluminum and vinyl fences:

Aluminum vs. Vinyl Fencing: Which Local Fence Type is Right for Your Florida Property?

Aluminum Fencing and vinyl fencing in Panama City are both great options for your Florida home, as they are resistant to damage and are made from durable fencing materials. However, these fences have different intended uses and appearances, making them better choices for different situations. Your local Panama City fencing contractor is here to help guide you through the main differences between these two fence types!


Both vinyl and aluminum fences are extremely attractive options; between these two fences, there is one that matches almost every style. Vinyl fences and aluminum fences come in styles that can span from classic to contemporary, ensuring Panama City property owners can find the fence that suits them best. 


Aluminum fences are often finished with a black powder coating, giving their classic color and shine. Classic and traditional styles of aluminum fences often have pickets and other ornamental details, like finials, whereas modern styles of aluminum fences will have flat-top rails.


Vinyl fences are offered in a variety of styles and colors, with a white, full-privacy vinyl fence being the most common option in Florida. These fences are constructed with vinyl posts and rails that have full panels of vinyl or vinyl pickets in between them. Any style of vinyl offers a modern look that is still charming and visually appealing. 

Maintenance Demands

Vinyl and aluminum fences are both relatively maintenance-free fence options. Vinyl fences are naturally resistant to rotting and pests and are formulated to withstand fading and breaking down from UV rays. Aluminum has a durable powder coating that resists damage and rust.


Routine inspections and lightly cleaning the fence with a hose and gentle cleanser, when needed, will keep your fence pristine and looking new for a lifetime. Vinyl and aluminum fences will occasionally need a rinse to remove dirt and plant debris after a storm or yard work. Both types of fences are easy and low-maintenance, saving you energy and time. 

Privacy Levels

Vinyl fences are offered in picket fence styles or full-privacy styles, made from solid panels. Full-privacy vinyl fences are generally tall and will block viewing from outside of your space. Whereas aluminum fences are typically made from pickets that are spaced apart from one another, creating a decorative barrier that provides very little privacy. Homeowners love the open-view design of aluminum fencing, allowing them to see outside their fence and giving them a sense of openness.


If you are looking to install a fence that does not block your view, then a traditional aluminum fence or picket vinyl fence would be best for your property. On the other hand, if you hope to add privacy to your space, then a full-privacy vinyl fence is your perfect option. 

Common Uses for Aluminum and Vinyl Fences in Panama City

Dog Fences

Both aluminum and vinyl fences offer great solutions for pet owners looking to install a new dog fence. However, given that each pet has unique needs, it’s important for customers to understand the differences between these fence types to ensure their dogs get the most suitable space.


Aluminum and vinyl fences are both easy to clean, making it simple to clean dog messes. Vinyl fences provide an enclosed space where your pup will not be able to slip out or jump over due to their enclosed design. While aluminum fencing is more open, customization options are available, like puppy pickets or aluminum pickets that are placed close together on the bottom of the fence to hinder smaller dogs from escaping through the pickets. If you are looking into designing a fence for your dog, check out our photo gallery for more ideas. 

Pool Fences

Aluminum and vinyl fences are some of the most popular choices for pool enclosures because of their waterproof properties. Unlike other fencing materials susceptible to rust or rot from frequent water exposure, vinyl and aluminum resist damage from splashes from pool activities or water play. 


Choosing aluminum pool fencing ensures a secure barrier, great for families with children, providing visibility and safety from outside the pool area. However, a full-privacy vinyl fence minimizes noise escape, enhancing the ambiance for entertaining and hosting gatherings.

Comparing Vinyl and Aluminum Fences: Perspectives from a Panama City Fencing Contractor

Overall, vinyl and aluminum fences are both great choices for your Florida fence. Here are some other factors that may make a difference in your choice: 

Comparing Vinyl and Aluminum Fences: Perspectives from a Panama City Fencing Contractor

Overall, vinyl and aluminum fences are both great choices for your Florida fence. Here are some other factors that may make a difference in your choice: 


Often, vinyl and aluminum fence materials come with a standard manufacturer warranty, but it’s important to check the warranty’s details before making your decision.


Vinyl and aluminum fences will both be a higher cost upfront than other fencing options out there. With that said, they will have lower maintenance costs and will outlast many other fence materials, proving them to be worthwhile investments.

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