Installing a fence can be a great way to keep your home, family, and business property protected with residential and commercial fencing in Panama City, Florida. When your family’s and business’ security is at stake, the type of fence, the material it’s constructed from, and its style are all important factors. Mr. Fence of Florida is a top Panama City fencing contractor with several years of experience, and we think these seven qualities are the most important when choosing the right fence. 

7 Qualities of an Effective Security Fence

Keeping your property safe while also providing aesthetic appeal can be a challenge, but most security fence options can provide both. Safety is our top priority when it comes to security fencing because that will give you peace of mind. The seven qualities we discuss below will give you guidance while you try to choose a security fence that meets your requirements. 

#1 – Increased Height

The first thing to consider is the height of your fence. Tall fences are hard to climb, so they are naturally good for deterring burglars. Check the zoning laws in your area, as some places limit fence heights to 6 feet. If possible, an 8-foot or higher fence is more desirable for security fencing, as the primary goal is to choose a fence that is difficult to get over.  

Simply having a fence in place can make your property look more secure. If you can’t install a tall fence, having even a small, ornamental fence can cause a would-be intruder to rethink their plans. Anything that keeps a burglar from being able to get in and out of your property unnoticed quickly can help to keep you safer. The more difficult you can make it for burglars to easily move things off your property, the better. 

#2 – Create Good Visibility

Clear sightlines and good visibility are important when planning your fence project. If possible, it’s best to be able to see through your fence so that you will notice if someone is prowling around on the other side. This visibility ensures that if someone is trying to break in, you will see them and have time to call the authorities before they make it over your fence. Additionally, non-privacy fences that allow clear visibility are beneficial if a would-be thief is able to make it over a fence with open rails, they will still be visible from the street which makes it difficult for them to go unnoticed. 

#3 – Reduce Hiding Places

If you have bushes, storage sheds, dog houses, playhouses, or other structures in your yard, do your best to keep them away from your fence edge. These limit visibility and also offer intruders additional places to hide out, which decreases the effectiveness of a security fence. Try to keep your yard and fence line free of obstacles so that you can see everything in your yard clearly. 

#4 – Make It Difficult to Climb

To boost the effectiveness of your fence, choose one with very few horizontal rails. If you choose a chain link fence, make it more difficult to climb by choosing one with smaller holds. Finish the top with spikes, points, or another finish that is difficult to grasp, because a flat top can be scaled no matter how tall it is. 

#5 – Choose Strong Materials

With enough time, determination, and motivation, nearly any fence can be cut, bent, or otherwise breached. When installing a security fence, choose the highest grade possible for the material you choose. For instance, a commercial-grade aluminum fence or chain link fence will be stronger than the standard residential grade. Choosing the stronger material will make it more difficult for anyone trying to break in, and the longer you can keep someone out, the better. 

#6 – Add Additional Deterrents to Your Fence Top

Adding more security deterrents to the top of your fence will increase its effectiveness. One way to add security to your commercial fencing in Panama City, Florida is to add barbed wire to the top. Be sure to check your local municipal codes to ensure that you can do this without penalty. If you choose vinyl or aluminum fencing, you may be able to pick spires for the fence top, which makes it harder to scale. 

#7 – Install Lighting and Security Cameras

Installing security lights and cameras will enhance all of the other security measures we have discussed so far. Would-be intruders will have more difficulty remaining unnoticed at night if your property is well-lit. Security cameras that are installed near your fence add another layer of protection. 

More Things to Consider with a Top Panama City Fencing Contractor

Once you have read these tips and decided what you need to implement in your security fence design, you will need to choose what type of material to use. We offer aluminum, wood, chain-link, or vinyl fences in various styles and with various features to meet your needs and requirements. Some of our styles are available with remote gate operators as well. 


When you’re ready to design your residential or commercial fencing in Panama City, Florida, let the expert fence installers at Mr. Fence of Florida help you with the process. You can call us or use our online esti12mator tool to get a quick, easy quote in just a few minutes. 

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