If you own a home or a business in Florida and you want to have a fence installed, choosing the right fence and the right fence installation company is a very important decision.


This article explores everything you need to know when choosing a fence for your Florida property.


Chain Link Fencing for Florida

Chain link fencing has been around for a very long time.  It is still a popular choice for homeowners and businesses alike.  It is the clear favorite for municipalities and schools when protecting playgrounds, ball fields, etc.


How Chain Link Fencing Holds up to Wind

Chain link fence is a proven solution to the harsh Florida weather.  High winds are (or course) a major concern for any building trade in Florida.  Chain link fencing excels at withstanding the stress of high winds.  In fact, there is probably not a better choice of fencing for this particular issue.


Chain Link Fencing and Salt Air

Chain link fencing is made of galvanized steel.  The galvanization process makes the chain link fencing rust resistant … but not rust-proof.  Chain link fencing can (and does) rust over time.  The Florida air is thick with humidity (moisture) and salt … especially around the coastlines and we are located in Panama City Florida – right by the coastline.  For this reason, chain link may not be the best choice.  


Chain link fencing can also come with a PVC or polymer coating which protects against rust and corrosion.  These coatings have been popular around baseball fields and parks for years.  We are seeing them used around homes and literally everywhere now.  Many people find these PVC coated chain link fences much more attractive than their uncoated cousins.


How Chain Link Fencing Holds up to the Extreme Heat of Florida

Chain link fencing has zero issues with the intense Florida sun and heat.  It certainly can be hot to the touch in the intense mid-day sun … however the fence will not bow or sag or warp in the heat.


Overall chain link fencing, especially when treated with protective PVC coating, is a great choice for just about any Florida property.


Vinyl Fencing for Florida

Vinyl fence used to be a problem in Florida … but that was a long time ago.  The first vinyl fencing to hit the market was not nearly the quality that it is today.  Many Florida homeowners simply won’t even consider vinyl fencing for their properties … but we think it all stems from problems that have been corrected long ago.


How Vinyl Fencing Holds up to Wind

Vinyl fencing is typically a solid panel.  There are certainly picket-style vinyl fence styles … but most styles of vinyl fencing are solid panels.  Solid panels catch the wind.  When the Florida winds are blowing at their hardest, there can be a tremendous load on these panels.  No problem.  Vinyl fence panels can withstand winds up to 100mph and we’ve seen many cases where it is even higher than that.  


We sell and install only high-quality vinyl fencing that is rated for high wind speeds.  Many of the big box stores sell lower quality grades of vinyl fencing that are not nearly as strong.


Another problem we see with vinyl fences and the Florida winds has nothing to do with the fencing material … but rather the poor installation techniques used by some of our less qualified local competitors.  We guarantee our installation and workmanship!


Vinyl Fencing and Salt Air

No issue here.  Salt air simply has no impact on vinyl fencing.  It is worth noting that depending on the specific brand of vinyl fencing and the techniques of the fence company … screws or other methods of attachment are often made of metal – which can rust.  Again, we are a professional fence company based in Panama City Florida.  We totally understand the Florida climate and the issues related to salt air and rust.  We use products and techniques that will not rust.


How Vinyl Fencing Holds up to the Extreme Heat of Florida

Vinyl fencing will warp in the extreme heat of Florida.  We’ve seen it.  Low-quality vinyl fencing (sometimes found in the big box stores, sometimes sold at a low cost by local fence companies) simply are not thick enough or manufactured well enough to withstand the extreme Florida heat.  


That is NOT the case with our Vinyl Fencing.  We sell and install only high quality stuff.  Our vinyl fencing comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.  End of the story.  Our vinyl fence will not warp, bow, or sag.  Period.


Aluminum Fencing for Florida

Aluminum fence is a perfect solution in Florida.  Aluminum fencing was literally made to stand up to harsh conditions of every type – making it a great choice for Florida and just about anywhere.


How Aluminum Fencing Holds up to Wind

Like chain link fencing, aluminum fencing is perfect for high winds found in Florida.  The picket-style design allows wind to flow right through it.  There is simply not a better option of fencing for high wind situations.


Chain Link Fencing and Salt Air

Aluminum doesn’t rust.  So the salt air and moisture of Florida has no effect on aluminum fencing. Attachment points and screws can be an issue with lower-quality aluminum fencing found in big box stores and low-bid local fence companies.  Our aluminum fencing (and all attachments) are rust-proof and high-quality.  Our aluminum fences come with a lifetime manufacturers warranty … so, rest easy – aluminum fencing is a great choice for Florida residents.


How Aluminum Fencing Holds up to the Extreme Heat of Florida

Aluminum doesn’t conduct heat the way other metals do.  Aluminum fencing typically stays very cool to the touch … even in the extreme heat of the day in Florida.  Because it stays cool, aluminum fences don’t bow or warp.


Wood Fencing for Florida

Wood fence is probably the most popular choice of fencing materials in the Panama City Florida area (and throughout most of Florida).  However, it may not be the best choice!


How Wood Fencing Holds up to Wind

Like vinyl fencing, wood fence panels tend to be solid.  A solid fence panel will catch the wind like a sail which can put tremendous pressure on the fence.  Fortunately wood is super strong and can resist these sorts of wind loads as long as the fence is installed properly.  It is important to use a reputable local fence company (like Mr Fence of Florida!) … who will install your wood fence properly and who will then stand behind their work with a workmanship warranty.


Wood Fence and The Humid Air of Florida

The moist, humid air of Florida is a real challenge for wood fences.  Wood rots.  We all know it.  Pressure treating helps but it doesn’t solve the problem.  Higher-quality harder woods also help, bet they also do not solve the problem.  The fact is that wood fence need a lot of maintenance to protect the wood with paints or stains annually.  Even this care and maintenance isn’t always enough.  A typical wood fence in Florida just doesn’t last as long as it does in many other parts of the country.  We see it all the time.  Folks move down here to Panama City from the north and they have a wood fence installed only to be disappointed in a few short years that the fence doesn’t seem to hold up here as well as it did “back home”.


How Wood Fencing Holds up to the Extreme Heat of Florida

The extreme heat of Florida can dry out wood pickets and panels in ways that are surprising.  A well-made and well-installed wood fence tends not to warp or bow very much even in the extreme heat of Florida.  However, if nails or screws come loose (due to the heat), an exceptional amount of bowing or warping can happen.  Sometimes we see wood pickets that look more like a fruit roll-up they warped so much.  Again, it is important to choose a local fence company that stands behind their work.  Most professional fence companies in Florida should provide a 1 year warranty on the workmanship and installation of their wood fences.  Fence companies will definitely not provide a warranty on the product itself beyond 1 year because wood is just not a durable choice for Florida properties.

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